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Walter Brough

Walter Brough
Caller, Entertainer, Instructor, Dancer

Whether calling a dance, conducting a workshop, seminar or party, Walter is an active participant entertaining the dancers and guests for a fun-filled evening. He is a proactive Caller/Instructor upgrading and improving his skill sets through continuing education. He attends a weeklong Caller school each year, and throughout the year a variety of seminars to bring new material and techniques for the dancers’ enjoyment. Walter is an accomplished instructor/teacher and holds yearly Seminars for new dancers to learn the Art of Square Dancing. His community dance programs and parties are highly regarded by those who request his assistance to make their evening a memorable occasion.

Those attending his Seminars on the Art of Square Dancing find that Walter’s approach is to make it fun from the get-go and the new dancers find themselves dancing and laughing from the very first evening to the end of the seminar. All those completing the Art of Square Dancing classes are eligible to attend, at no cost, all of Walter’s weekly workshops.

Walter is a totally interactive instructor with his dancers and he doesn’t leave them wondering exactly what he means or how to execute the technique – he demonstrates and makes certain the dancer “gets it”. As an instructor, he believes that he must be able to dance the technique correctly in order to teach the technique.

What do his new dancers say about his instructions? “He has the patience of Job!” (Chuck and Gerry F.) “He seems to know just how to encourage us to be our best.” (Teresa & Charles B.) “Walter stresses good dancing skills, the friendship and health benefit factors and a sense of belonging to something where we will have more fun than we thought possible and laugh so much that we feel better than we have in a long time.” (Walters’ super critic - his wife Judy)

♫ Walter's Credentials ♫

♪ Caller at National, Local, State Conventions and Dances

♪ Caller for the Heardmont Square Dance Club

♪ Past President of the Birmingham Area Callers Association

♪ Guest Caller and MC/Entertainer for Community Dance Parties, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Church Socials and more!

♪ Instructor and teacher for seminars & clinics

♪ Member of Callerlab (International Association of Square Dance Callers)

♪ Licensed with Broadcasters Music, Inc. and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

A New Song & Dance Routine — Friendship Set to Music

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